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E-learning becomes the first choice to every knowledge seeker globally. Global training facilitates like Mobile learning, Self-placed learning and Multi location access.


E-learning is for everyone to access education no matter the location. Online educations is very quick compare to other modes of education.

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E-learning has made the world of learning a better, more conducive, more convenient, less energy consumption, enough time to study at your pace...

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Students, Working professional and Graduates found alternate to traditional class room training from budget cuts and time bounds. Millions of students enrolled for online programming and taking classes.

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We find that the women are having difficulty in learning due to safety in travels. We of www.livetution.com are specifically inclined to reach over to them to give an education that is fault-free, convenient and safe.

Besides that, the education of courses has turned into memorizing few words and course over. Thus we plan on giving full concept oriented courses that will develop the thinking, innovative and leading capabilities that can face any type of real-time problems.


To enrich the knowledge & skill sets of young software engineers by providing value added training in the areas of Software Development.


To serve the industries by providing trained human resources.

Our Trainings

  • Java 90%
  • Python 75%
  • Android 85%
  • UI Technologies 95%

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Billions of web applications developed and various platforms created using the most popular language called Java. Most of the companies recruiting java developers to develop new applications and to upgrade existing applications.


Python is a programming language to develop various kinds of applications using its functionality. Python scripting functionality become important platform in data science, artificial intelligence and Machine learning.


Android is open to everyone: developers, designers and device makers. That means more people can experiment, imagine and create things the world has never seen. It's the operating system inside 2.5 billion active devices.


AngularJS is a structural framework for dynamic web apps. It lets you use HTML as your template language and lets you extend HTML's syntax to express your application's components clearly and succinctly...




Angular 8 is an open-source, client-side TypeScript based JavaScript framework. It is written in TypeScript and complied into JavaScript. Angular 8 is used to create dynamic web applications. It is very similar to its previous versions except having some extensive features.

UI Technologies

The user interface (UI) goal is to produce a user interface which makes it easy, efficient, and enjoyable (user-friendly) to operate a machine in the way which produces the desired result. This generally means that the operator needs to provide minimal input to achieve...


An application with collection of services developed around business capabilities. It is also known as microservice architecture. It is loosely coupled and can deploy independently. It is cloud native architectural approach with own stack and database with data model.

C++ Programming

C++ is high level object oriented programming language. It is providing vast libraries to develop system software's, utility software's and game applications. It is one of the most popular languages in graphics development. C++ is statistically typed, compiled, case sensitive...

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